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Organic Birth is a team of professional birth workers offering placenta encapsulation services throughout South Africa. We offer collection and delivery services as package options.

If you believe that your body was beautifully designed to birth your baby, placenta encapsulation is the perfect way for your body to heal itself after birth. Placenta Encapsulation is Mother Nature’s gift for postpartum wellness.

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“I have really felt the difference from my other babies, and I am three and a half years older than when I had my last baby. I definitely cope with the lack of sleep better. I feel tired at times, but not that deathly tired that makes you want to collapse. I am definitely more energetic. I have loads of milk and my recovery from my birth was almost instant. I feel like I bounced back so easily. And with three kids, that helps a lot! I can definitely recommend placenta encapsulation to anyone. It makes so much sense on so many levels.”


“I was very happy with Organic Birth’s service from start to end. You were professional but caring and friendly at the same time. I actually expected it to take longer to prepare the placenta capsules. The packaging is lovely and I really appreciated the info card, umbilical heart and tincture. I honestly believe if I hadn’t been taking my capsules, I would be a wreck by now! All the stress of not being able to breast feed on top of the recovery from birth and lack of sleep, as well as history of depression – I think I might be on anti-depressants. They have helped a lot with my energy levels as well as milk supply.”