This agreement contains the entire understanding between PLACENTA SPECIALIST and the CLIENT. It supersedes all prior and simultaneous agreements between the parties. The only way to change or add to this agreement is to do so in writing with all the relevant parties signing provided document.


The CLIENT agrees that R1 000 non-refundable retainer fee is required at the time of contract acceptance. This fee applies to your total placenta services purchase. Remaining balance is due 4 weeks prior to your estimated due date. Payment may be made in cash in person before the birth, via the website or via EFT. All administration must be completed prior to the birth. If the PLACENTA SPECIALIST is required to communicate to any third parties after the birth (such as for blood test results, documents for the release of the placenta etc.), a R250 administration fee will be charged.


Travel cost is included in the encapsulation fee for collection of the placenta from the place of birth within a 20km radius from location of PLACENTA SPECIALIST. Location will be agreed upon during booking and if location is further than 20kms, a travel fee of R200 will be incurred depending on location. If location changes after contract is signed and is out of the 20km radius, a fee will be charged. CLIENT is responsible for covering additional fees and costs related to location choice (admission fees, toll gates, parking fees, etc.). Collection of the final placenta remedies will need to be undertaken by the CLIENT from the PLACENTA SPECIALIST’S premises.


Upon your signature and payment, PLACENTA SPECIALIST will reserve the time and date agreed upon, and will not make other reservations around your estimated due date. For this reason, the encapsulation retainer fee of R1 000 is non-refundable, unless unplanned events occur (only including a miscarriage or early term birth before 26 weeks). In this case, 75% of the deposit will be refunded. If the PLACENTA SPECIALIST is unable to provide placenta services due to illness or is otherwise incapacitated, all efforts will be made to send a back-up specialist. Contract will then be taken over by the back-up specialist. If PLACENTA SPECIALIST is unable to provide services and no back up specialist is available, the placenta can be frozen and encapsulated as soon as possible. If after this the service can still not be carried out, a full refund will be given. It is the CLIENT’s responsibility to get permission for release of the placenta from care provider/place of birth. PLACENTA SPECIALIST will not enter into negotiations with the hospital for the release of the placenta. The placenta will be collected OUTSIDE the maternity ward only. If CLIENT is unable to attain the placenta or it is contaminated before release and unable to be consumed for any reason beyond PLACENTA SPECIALIST’s control, there is no refund of any amount.


The PLACENTA SPECIALIST offers Postnet/courier delivery as a service. While every care is taken in selecting couriers, the efficiency of these companies is outside our control. The PLACENTA SPECIALIST cannot take responsibility for parcel loss/hijacking/acts of God that may befall the courier service.At the time of shipping, the PLACENTA SPECIALIST will supply by Whatsapp or e-mail to the CLIENT the courier being used and the tracking/waybill number. CLIENTS are requested to direct all follow up enquiries to the courier selected.


If the PLACENTA SPECIALIST is not present at the birth as the doula/midwife, CLIENT agrees to contact PLACENTA SPECIALIST as soon as labour begins and then again after baby is born. Please contact PLACENTA SPECIALIST via sms if after 10pm or before 7am. CLIENT agrees to keep placenta in their sight at all times to ensure it does not go to a lab where it will be contaminated by chemicals or other harmful substances rendering it unsafe for consumption. If the hospital must test the placenta, a small piece can be taken off the maternal side and sent to the lab, while the intact placenta is stored properly. CLIENT agrees to have the placenta double bagged and placed immediately in a refrigerator (home birth) or cooler bag with ice (hospital or birth centre). CLIENT is responsible for providing cooler bag. CLIENT understands that the same post birth care instructions apply to C-Sections.


The CLIENT declares that they are supplying their OWN placenta from the recent birth of their child, and the PLACENTA SPECIALIST is in no way selling or supplying body tissues. The PLACENTA SPECIALIST is being paid for their time in preparation of the placenta that the CLIENT would have done themselves otherwise. The CLIENT declares that the consumption or otherwise of the placenta is for their own use due to their own studies done on the health benefits of placentophagia. The place of birth may have policies and may require a release form and/or Affidavit for the placenta. The CLIENT is responsible for determining the policy of their birth place during pregnancy and informing the caregiver that CLIENT plans to take the placenta.


CLIENT will furnish PLACENTA SPECIALIST with a copy of prenatal blood screening that includes STD (HIV) results. It is safe to consume your own placenta if you are positive for an STD, the PLACENTA SPECIALIST will then conduct the encapsulation in your home and with your materials. It is not recommended to share your placenta products with any-one else, and CLIENT acknowledges that any sharing of placenta products is their own responsibility. SPECIALIST will provide a list of materials needed if you are positive for an STD (example, Hepatitis or HIV). SPECIALIST abides by all privacy laws and does not share your personal information.


CLIENT understands the risks of placenta consumption are the same as dining out in a restaurant where the food is prepared for you. Other risks may include: placenta being switched with another placenta that is not the CLIENT’s at the hospital; placenta contamination with chemicals at the hospital pathology laboratory; and contamination during transport (either by hospital or CLIENT failing to store properly). Please familiarise yourself with normal post-birth symptoms, depending on the type of birth, such as mild headaches, constipation, vaginal and body pain and discomfort, back pain etc. As well as post birth symptoms for baby, such as jaundice etc. These are not associated with placenta consumption.


CLIENT acknowledges the following benefits of placentophagia: Preventing and lessening the risk of postpartum depression or “baby blues”, Replenishing iron from blood loss during birth and prevention of post birth anaemia in the mother, Lending a consistent flow of Oxytocin (the love hormone) long after the birth euphoria ends, Provides the HPL hormone to help establish early and healthy milk supply for breastfeeding, Stabilizes constantly fluctuating hormones post birth, Replenishes B vitamins and energy that were used during the labour and birth process, Protection from infection and bleeding due to retained placenta tissue or membranes, Offers natural pain relief from the labour and birth process via the hormone POEF (Placenta Opioid Enhancing Factor)


CLIENT understands that choosing to encapsulate their placenta is not intended to prevent or treat any physical or mental diseases, ailments or symptoms and that CLIENT is choosing to consume placenta for their own personal beliefs, whether it be spiritual or cultural. CLIENT acknowledges that PLACENTA SPECIALIST has provided concrete information about the benefits and risks of placenta encapsulation and have read all included documents. Upon receiving placenta capsules or other placenta products, CLIENT waives any and all rights to hold the PLACENTA SPECIALIST responsible for any undesired effect of consuming the capsules. CLIENT does not hold PLACENTA SPECIALIST responsible or liable for any transport mishap that is beyond their control (ex: car accident or detainment). CLIENT understands that the placenta will be prepared in a dedicated area in the PLACENTA SPECIALIST’s home (or at CLIENT’s home by request) and will be ready for collection by the CLIENT or friend/relative thereof as soon as it is finished. Courier is also an option. Preparation usually takes 3-5 days. CLIENT understands that if their blood work shows a positive result for STDs placenta preparation will take place in their home. If placenta is prepared in the PLACENTA SPECIALIST’s home, CLIENT places full trust and acknowledgement that it is being handled in a sanitary and safe environment. CLIENT has provided PLACENTA SPECIALIST with blood work stating that CLIENT has been tested for STDs and the results were negative. CLIENT understands that blood work documentation is collected for each client and that the information is kept confidential in accordance with laws. CLIENT understands that upon receiving placenta pills and products, PLACENTA SPECIALIST is no longer liable, including but not limited to any other persons ingesting CLIENT’s placenta.